Exercise Vidoes on YouTube

Posted By Valerie Social Support Group ,
These are a good selection of various YouTube videos to help with practicing our exercises. I found the actual exercise content to be very clear, but sometimes found there was too much chatter...

A Poem for these Times

Posted By Sue Dunn,
Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan living in Ireland, has penned a touching poem about coronavirus.   Lockdown Yes there is fear.Yes there is isolation.Yes there is panic buying.Yes...

Finding Accurate and Reliable Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted By Jessie Schroen,
In Australia, there are several reputable online sources of information that provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. There is also a lot of...

COVID- 19 Notice from Clota Cottage

Posted By Sue Dunn,
  Coronavirus and the Covid-19 viruses No doubt, the community and we as individuals, are concerned about the Coronavirus and what impacts it will have on our lives going forward. The media has...

Share the Dignity Christmas Lunch

Posted By Jessie Schroen,
Special Event Fill a handbag with a Christmas gift for women and girls in need   Help make life better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty this Christmas.   Provide...

A Little History About Us

Posted By Carol,
Neighbourhood houses belong to the community. They are run by a volunteer Committee of Management or volunteer Board and are incorporated, not-for-profit legal entities. They exist to meet the needs...

House Report - MAY

Posted By Sue,
Winter may be coming with the cold and wet outside but it is warm and busy at Clota Cottage. Last Friday we celebrated our biggest morning tea. There was a wonderful ceremony for people who have...

Neighbourhood House Week: Movable Feast

Posted By Jessie,
Clota Cottage is one of the ten neighbourhood houses that serves Whitehorse and with more than four hundred neighbourhood house across Victoria, Neibourhood house week provides a great opportunity...