COVID- 19 Notice from Clota Cottage

Posted By Sue Dunn  


Coronavirus and the Covid-19 viruses

No doubt, the community and we as individuals, are concerned about the Coronavirus and what impacts it will have on our lives going forward.

The media has actively encouraged awareness about the Covid-19 virus and the need to take the spread of the virus very seriously. 

During this time, however, it is important to understand that the media are painting a �worst case scenario� which has led to adverse reactions such as panic buying, share market decline, cancellation of major events and more. It is worth noting that in Australian history of flu and similar viruses experienced, such as 2019 in which there were literally hundreds of thousands of people treated for flu from which nearly 3,000 died, many of whom had other associated serious health problems. 

On 13 March 2020 the Prime Minister reported that 124,000 people have contracted the virus worldwide, and only 140 here in Australia.  He also emphasised that �the medical experts tell us that for most Australians in good health, for those who contract the virus, they will experience a mild illness.�  The health authorities have reported that most people will, and have already, recovered from the covid-19 viruses worldwide�

Clota Cottage Neighbourhood House takes the spread of the viruses here in Australian and the prevention of spread locally, very seriously.

Having assessed the risks so far, however, we do not intend to close our House in the near future.

We want to encourage the following approach:

  • Stay positive
  • Be alert
  • Discourage fear
  • Respond according to the circumstance
  • Seek advice from professionals, not social media or the media generally

We also wish to repeat some of the methods of prevention that have been recommended by the health authorities and government:  

  • Do not visit or work at the House if you are feeling unwell with symptoms similar to coronavirus
  • At every opportunity was your hands as instructed by heath authorities/practitioners.
  • Effectively cover your cough and sneezes, securely dispose of used tissues and personally use alcohol-based hand sanitiser everywhere possible.
  • Avoid coming into contact with persons known to have the virus
  • Do not mingle in crowds which bring you within 1.5 metres of another person
  • If you experience any flu or cold type symptoms, do not come in contact with people over the age of 75 or those who have existing immune affecting illnesses.

Clota Cottage Neighbourhood House will take what measures are appropriate to ensure our Community environment is protected as well as can be, to avoid contamination from the virus. If you have any concerns, please come and speak to us. 

Sue Dunn


On Behalf of the Committee of Management