Exercise Vidoes on YouTube

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These are a good selection of various YouTube videos to help with practicing our exercises. I found the actual exercise content to be very clear, but sometimes found there was too much chatter especially initially.

Many of the smaller Tai Chi or Qigong videos are very gentle and could be a good alternative to the exercise routines

Gentle Exercise Links


This young man, Deron Buboltz, is full of movement and energy especially in the introductory part, so just enjoy his clear instructions for the exercises. He also includes a deep breathing relaxation exercise at the end (one includes an image of a sunset, the other includes a sunrise). He has lots of different YouTube videos, but I didn�t see very much difference in them. He doesn�t use weights.
Balance Exercises � sunset relaxation

Chair exercises - low impact sunrise relaxation

Slightly longer than the others, and has seated and standing variations. Some weights.

This one is funded via America�s National Institute for Ageing, and is shortest in length. Uses weights.


Tai Chi Links Dr. Paul Lam I would only recommend this if you would like to revise the basic warm-up exercises, which starts at the 10min mark (9:58). There are many other Dr Paul Lam videos on Youtube, but they are basically promotional videos, and show very little sequences.


9 mins � good basic exercises with clear instructions


36 mins - seated and standing instructions for a variety of exercises.

Relax body qigong