Finding Accurate and Reliable Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted By Jessie Schroen  

In Australia, there are several reputable online sources of information that provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. There is also a lot of information on the internet that is untrue. This is known as misinformation or �fake news�.

Misinformation occurs when a person or organisation shares information that is incorrect. Some people believe that the information they are sharing is correct and that they�re doing the right thing by letting others know what they�ve found out. However, without checking with reliable sources first, this can lead to the spread of incorrect information that may unduly scare or worry people. An organisation on Facebook may also deliberately share information that is shocking or scary in the hopes that people will share it and their organisation will receive more traffic as a result.


Misinformation and social media

Using social media can be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, especially during times of isolation. But, it is also a place where misinformation is shared frequently, especially during a worldwide pandemic. The following image is an example of fake news:



Example of a Facebook post showing misinfomation.


Many people might see the image above and believe the advice within it. However, this information is incorrect and the measures it recommends to take should not be followed.
It�s important to check the facts of anything you see on social media against a credible, reliable website before you share it or follow its advice.


We�ve collated a few reliable sources into this article to help you feel confident you are getting the right information. Using government-managed websites or websites of reputable organisations will help ensure the information you�re reading is reliable and up-to-date.



Department of Health Coronavirus Health Alert


This page is managed by the Department of Health and contains the current status of the
nationwide coronavirus alert, along with information about the symptoms and when you
should consider getting tested.


Healthdirect coronavirus webpage


Healthdirect is a government-managed website that provides approved health information
and advice. The dedicated page for coronavirus has lots of information around the virus
symptoms, tips on how to avoid infection, self-isolation and information for carers who are
caring for vulnerable people.



Another government-managed webpage, Smartraveller contains the most up-to-date
information for travel overseas. It is updated regularly and includes travel advice for most
countries, including safe places within each country, how the health system works within that
country and how to get around while you�re there.

ABC News


ABC News is Australia�s independent national broadcaster. They are a reliable outlet of
information on news stories across Australia and the world. They keep their content up-to date,
which is especially important as news and updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic
is rapidly changing.