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Monday to Thursday 9.00am -3.00pm

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Chinese Elderly Social Group 

華人長者 社會支持小組


We provide different activities to meet the participants’ needs. Such as:

  • Local News & Community Information
  • Basic English
  • Exercises: Tai-Chi
  • Basic Computer & IT Skills
  • Board Games
  • Gardening Skills
  • Celebration of Chinese Cultural Events


Every Thursday  10 to 12 am
Centre closed during school holidays


To speak to our Chinese speaking facilitator call on Thursdays between 10.00am and 1.00pm


Cost: gold coin donation


小組提供並規畫設計針對華人長 者的各種適宜的活動。小組旨在 幫助華人長者融入社區並且能增 強參加小組長者們的身心健康與 福祉。



Friday group


星期五小組 9.30am – 11.30 p m am 上午9.30 到11.30


This group meets on Friday mornings to improve their computer and social media skills and has the occasional excursion


. 小組聚會時間於星期五上午, 主要希望幫助華人朋友增強電 腦以及社群媒體使用技巧,並 且偶爾會有外出郊遊活動。


The class is followed by a social morning tea and the opportunity to practice your English conversation in an informal and friendly setting.


課堂開始會先進行早茶聚會讓 您有機會在輕鬆與友善的環境 下練習英語對話


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